Sunday, March 24, 2013

Under the Dome

Under the Dome is a book written by Stephen King that I read a couple of summers ago. This was a book that grew on me as I got further into the story. It is a dark themed story about a town that gets put under an invisible dome. The whole town is isolated from the rest of the world.

Some of the problems arising from this dome is there is much blood shed because the citizens aren't aware of the dome's existence. As people run into it with cars, trucks, planes, and even themselves lives are lost. At first I had a hard time getting through the first part of the novel because I was beginning to feel as if Stephen King just wanted to write about many people losing their lives or at the very least destroying their spirits one by one. Any time I lose sight of a story's point my mind wanders. I was close to reaching this and then Stephen King shifted the story completely adding superb character development, a lesson to learn from the story, and how people will act to each other once in complete isolation.

The development of how the town reacts to this invisible dome is amazing. Unexpected heroes step up. Villains arise and where thoughts of greed, violence, and corruption may be in the back of one’s mind suddenly become reality. The evil-doers even try and prevent the dome from being lifted from the town because that would mean an end to their personal fiefdom. The power they can display under the dome would no longer be necessary. I thought about how true to life this can be in our world. It made me realize that there are people able to benefit from another's grief, tragedy, depression and despair. King brings this to light as this town suffers under the dome.

The best thing about this book is when the citizens discover the origins of the dome. It is an incredible battle of persistence and perseverance to get it removed. Once the dome's creators come to light it made me think about our own circle of life. It made me think about how some creature's lives are viewed as insignificant. The truth I feel is that no life is insignificant and that it is such a precious thing. An unexpected event can change an individual, a town, a city, a state, a country, maybe even a whole planet forever. After reading this these thoughts should never leave our conscious minds.

The last thing that I loved from this novel was the quote worth writing down. The quote was "Wish for sunshine but build dikes." This quote more or less tells us to always keep a positive perspective, and wish for the best. We need to be aware that pitfalls occur and life constantly challenges us. We have to prepare ourselves for the unexpected and tragic to try and overcome them so we can maintain wonderful existences. Stephen King's Under the Dome was an awesome story. Hang in there because through its 800 + pages you discover why he is called the master story teller.

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