Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Non Fiction Read-ESPN

One of the more recent non-fiction books I have read was a book called Creating An Empire ESPN.  I have to admit that I had to try reading it twice because I couldn't get through the first chapter on my first attempt. The reason I struggled was because the author, Stuart Evey, wrote more about his time spent at Getty Oil Company and his bosses there. I couldn't see the point to spending so much time writing about this and so I quit reading.

I am very glad I picked the book up a second time because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my impatience not allowing me to finish the book the first time around. Not only is the chapter about working at Getty Oil Company relevant to later chapters, it is necessary to set up and be able to explain later chapters about ESPN and its fledgling years as a company.

The book was enjoyable because it was a nostalgic review about how ESPN got started as a company, how it almost didn't survive, all of its struggles to become relevant, and its evolution. Stuart Evey spends a great deal of time letting readers know what kind of programming was on the channel in the 1980's. I assure you it is completely different that we we're used to seeing today. It got me to thinking about my own childhood being a product of the 80's. Stuart Evey's book does a wonderful job in allowing your mind to think back thirty years ago.

The book does a wonderful job of describing how much money, and egos were involved in creating, establishing, and evolving the company. Advertisement is involved which means plenty of money and revenue or a lack of caused plenty of stress for all involved.

I highly recommend this read to reminisce back to the 1980's, get a feel for how cut throat starting this company was, and to read about how a sports channel so deep rooted in today's culture almost didn't survive. Hard to imagine cable television without ESPN. KQ9533565FJF

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